Tuesday, August 29, 2006


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  • B.S. from Portland State University (1972)
  • M.Ed. from Western Washington University (1986)
  • Teacher for 31 years, small business owner, and realtor
  • Raised two sons on San Juan Island with my wife, Lunnette
  • Commissioner at the Port of Friday Harbor since 1991
  • Served as a Freeholder and helped draft the County Charter

  • 14 years experience in public finance on Port Commission
  • Served as President of the Port Commission for 12 years
  • Worked with public officials as the Port:
    – built Skagit College at the airport center
    – bought and rebuilt San Juan Marina into an active economic center
    – financed major projects with bonds and loans

If elected, I will use my experience and strong communication skills to assist in a smooth transition as the home rule charter is instituted.
The auditor needs to be a strong manager with experience in local government and needs to have deep roots in the islands. I have served on many boards and groups, both public and private, in my 34 years as a county resident and I have dedicated my life to making this a better community.
I view this opportunity to serve as auditor as very exciting. It will give me a chance to help build the kind of cooperative culture in the County that we all want. I will help to build a community where a tradition of cooperative public service becomes the norm and where working together to address the County's challenges constructively is woven into the fabric of our lives.

I ask for your vote and your support to achieve these goals.

Thank you!